Saskatchewan Joint Board Executive RWDSU

All of the Executive positions are elected at the RWDSU convention

Wanda Bartlett is the President of RWDSU

Bonnie Lewis is the Vice-President of the Co-op Division.

Blair Estey is Vice-President of the Food Division.

Craig Horbay is Vice-President of the General Division

Garry Burkart is RWDSU’s Secretary Treasurer

Kevin Stark – Co-op Division – Executive

Darren Deck – Co-op Division – Executive

Anna Pierno – Co-op Division – Executive

Alicia Friesen – Co-op Division – Young Worker

Shaynee Modien – Co-op Division – Executive 1st Alternate

Brenda Krasiun – Co-op Division – Executive 2nd Alternate

Andrew Van Norren – Co-op Division – Young Worker Alternate

Susan Butson – Food Division – Executive

Jeremy Jijian – Food Division – Executive

Elaine Davies – Food Division – Executive

Shayna Kavanagh – Food Division – Young Worker Executive

Ken Mayes – Food Division – 1st Alternate

Sheri Kavanagh – Food Division – 2nd Alternate

Katey McGovern – General Division – Executive

Dean Colbow – General Division – Executive

Lee Racette – General Division – Executive

Kyle Hynne – General Division – Young Worker

Melissa Patterson -General Division – 1st Alternate

Dean Welcher -General Division – 2nd Alternate

Own It

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour has just launched OWN IT!– a project to say YES to public services and their benefits.
OWN IT! is about ensuring what we’ve built will be there for our kids and grandkids – but it’s also about protecting public services from costly privatization schemes. Because once these services and benefits are gone…they’re gone.
We need you to join us in saying YES to public services http//