Our Team

All of the Executive positions are elected at the RWDSU convention


Co-op Vice Wanda Bartlett


Wanda Bartlett is the President of RWDSU







Co-op Exec Colin Lemauviel 

Colin Lemauviel is the Vice-President of the Co-op Division.






Food Vice Ken Mayes


Ken Mayes is Vice-President of the Food Division.







VP General Craig Horbay



Craig Horbay is the Vice-President of the General Division.





Secretary Treasurer Garry Burkart

Garry Burkart is RWDSU’s Secretary Treasurer








Co-op Exec. Wendy Goldbeck



Wendy Goldbeck – Co-op Division – Executive





Co-op Exec Tammie Nelson


Tammy Nelson – Co-op Division – Executive






Co-op 2nd Alt Bonnie Lewis

Bonnie Lewis – Co-op Division – First Alternate








Co-op Youth Crystal Davidson


Crystal Davidson – Co-op Division – Youth







Co-op Alt Shaynee Modien



Shaynee Modien – Co-op Division – Executive 1st Alternate





Food Exec. Tracey Dulle



Tracey Dulle – Food Division – Executive





Food Exec. Neil Collier



Neil Collier – Food Division – Executive






Food Exec Blair Estey



Blair Estey – Food Division – Executive






Food Youth Jeremy Jijian



Jeremy Jijian – Food Division – Youth Executive






Food Alternate Elaine Davies



Elaine Davies – Food Division – 1st Alternate






Food 2nd Alt. Susan Butson



Susan Butson – Food Division – 2nd Alternate





General Exec Dean Colbow



Dean Colbow – General Division – Executive





General Exec Mike Arno



Mike Arno – General Division – Executive





General Exec Gord Clarke
Gord Clarke – General Division – Executive







Vacant -General Division – Youth

General Alt Colin Chamberlin



Colin Chamberlin -General Division – 1st Alternate






General 2nd Alt Katie Mcgovern



Katey McGovern -General Division – 2nd Alternate