Welcome to the RWDSU website Sobeys employees!!

We are fortunate to share a unique environment here at the Saskatchewan Joint Board Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union (SJBRWDSU) with a dedicated and skilled staff from our Clerical/Administration Staff to our Staff Representatives all of whom have a solid foundation built on mutual respect. SJBRWDSU has always valued our members as our most important resource. RWDSU members all bring unique skills and have a measureable and essential contribution to make to help us achieve our common goal of trying to be the best Union that we can be. All of our staff are dynamic and enthusiastic and I know that you will enjoy working with them and growing with us in the building of our Union.

Our strength is based on open communication and co-operation and mutual respect which in turn is used to enforce and protect the rights of our members in all aspects of a unionized workplace environment.

In conclusion, I trust that you will experience both a challenge and satisfaction while assisting us in the building and maintaining of a positive and productive environment as a RWDSU member.

Please feel free to contact us and have discussion about joining the SJBRWDSU.

In Solidarity,

Wanda Bartlett
Garry Burkart

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RWDSU would like to talk to you about the possibility of joining our Union. If you are interested in discussing this please click here to fill out your contact information and we will contact you. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of RWDSU staff members and/or Organizers to contact you to discuss organizing your shop.

Wanda Bartlett, President                                          Garry Burkart, Secretary Treasurer