American Income Life (AIL) has sent out another mailout to our members. If you mail the enclosed letter back to them they will send a representative out to you to discuss your insurance needs. If you don’t send the letter back you will still be covered for the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the Eye Care Discount card or the Child Safe material. Extra insurance is voluntary.
Mailout letter that was sent out
Frequently asked Questions
This is the letter the AIL Representative will read out to you when they come to the appointment
If you did not receive the letter and wish to receive it please contact our office and we will send out a package for you (306-569-9311).
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Menstruation and the need for menstrual products is not a topic that many are willing to talk about. It’s personal. To some it’s a source of shame, and to many young girls in particular, it’s just embarrassing. And some are even missing school because they don’t have access to hygiene products.

For many struggling families, the issue is compounded when the need is there for both parents and kids. Add on the pressure for newcomers and refugee families, or for those who identify as trans or gender non-conforming, and it can be plain overwhelming. United Way in conjunction with the Regina & Saskatoon Labour Council has stepped up to the plate and have organized Tampon Tuesday. For more information please click here.

So, while it’s too often a silent issue, the need is very real.

President Bartlett with the products for Tampon Tuesday.

Sask Finance Minister could make ends meet by curbing wasteful spending…click here for the article

Send a letter to your MLA and to your city/town council calling on the Sask Govt to stop privatizing our province.
It’s easy. Click here:

SaskForward is a coalition of civil society organizations and individuals who believe that the people of this province deserve a say in the “transformational change” promised by the Saskatchewan government. Please go to the website to find out more SaskForward is looking for submissions – check out the variety of submissions they have received and add your own!!! Be a voice, not an echo! Albert Einstein


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