October 5, 2020
Covid 19 Response Measures Act

August 23, 2020
Thank you letter from CLC Hassan Yussuff

American Income Life will again be doing a mailout to our members. It should be noted that AIL is a 100% union company serving working families just like yours. Please be advised that they will not contact you further if you do not send the card back to them in the mail. You will still be covered for $4,000 no cost Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit through them as long as you are employed by an RWDSU shop. However, if you require more Life Insurance you can send the card back and an AIL Representative will contact you to set up and appointment in the future to discuss your options. Another benefit of sending the card back is naming your beneficiary as well as an option to increase the coverage an additional $10,000 with a cost of $2.00 for the first year. Those who return the card can also receive an Eye Care Discount Card at no cost that provides a discount on prescription eyewear. If you return the card you can also receive Child Safe Kits for your children and grandchildren at no cost. These kits help you gather vital data, photos and fingerprints for authorities in the event of an emergency.

May 5, 2020
The link below is a response letter to Garry Burkart (Secretary Treasurer of RWDSU) from Don Morgan, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety.
Don Morgan – Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety response

April 8, 2020
The Saskatchewan Employment Act Regarding the Right to Refuse Dangerous Work
All Employees still working during COVID 19 please read The Saskatchewan Employment Act regarding The Right To Refuse Dangerous Work

Please be advised that regarding AIL Representatives meeting with our members SJBRWDSU agrees to “virtual” membership contact. There will be no in-home visits by AIL agency Representatives

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