RWDSU has agreed to partner with the Canadian Blood Services, in order to raise awareness and donor enrollment in and around our community. As we all conclude our summer vacations, it is important to remember, “YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GIVE LIFE”. From workplace accidents, to driving incidents, to sudden illness, one just never knows when they too, will need this life saving support. Let’s roll up our sleeves and lend our collective support!!

 Please, if you have never donated before, or if its been a while since your last donation, call 1-888-2DONATE or go to, to book yourself an appt. The Regina Blood Donor Clinic is open Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 8:00pm, as well as on Friday and Saturday between 8:00am – 12:00pm.



Below is Bonnie Lewis, the new Executive for the Co-op Division.
Congratulations Bonnie!

Co-op 2nd Alt Bonnie Lewis








Below is Colin Lemauviel, the new Vice President for the Co-op Division. Congratulations Colin!

Co-op Exec Colin Lemauviel








Below is Wanda Bartlett, Interim President for RWDSU. Congratulations Wanda!
Co-op Vice Wanda Bartlett








Below is Past President Jeff Peters accepting a gift for his service with RWDSU. Thank you Jeff!
Jeff Peters Retirement Gift





AIL Information

Garry Burkart, Secretary-Treasurer of RWDSU has sent out a letter regarding additional member benefits through American Income Life (AIL) Please click here for more information.


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Good news RWDSU members! Enter into the RWDSU website lottery! All you have to do to enter for a $50.00 gift certificate from either Co-op, Safeway or Sobeys is click here and fill out all of your information. It’s that easy! Good luck everyone!

Congratulations Sherin Joseph on winning the June Website Lottery, Sherin works at Canada Safeway in Saskatoon.

Congratulations Patricia Harder on winning the July Website Lottery, Patricia works at Canada Safeway in Saskatoon.